Monday, March 29, 2010

Maggie the little thief!

Maggie may look sweet and innocent, but she's always up to no good!

See her....eyeing my chewy bone! She's just waiting for Mommy to turn her back before she makes her move!

SEE! She's run off with my chewy bone! Someone call the puggle police! She's a thief!

That's right Maggie, in jail where you belong! Stealing is against the law!

As you can see, we are getting along for the most part. We like to play the game of stealing each others toys and treats. I usually just let her win because she's a girl and she's so little.....but if she takes something I really want.....I let her know whos's boss!


Sonic said...

I wish my humans would put my brother Knuckles in jail when he steals my stuff. But for some reason we always both end up in the playpen when he misbehaves. What's with that?

Anonymous said...

awww thats sweet of you to let her win!! she is really cute bruschi!

wags and licks

Remington said...

Poor jail....did you bring her anything to read?

Puggle Preston said...

ohh..Bruschi, you look so sad when your bone was stolen. I knew you could have gotten the bone back but you chose to let Maggie keep it. You are nice like that.
Maggie's "jail" looks a bit too comfortable, don't you think so?

Sonic said...

PS You've got awards!


Ariel said...

Human Granny puts me in check when I chase the kitties. But not in jail OMD! I have to get in my bed for a spell. She is so cute. So Happy to see you both getting along so good. Have a Great Easter!
Licks and Wags, Ariel <3

Oliver Tate said...


You and your sister are so cute. Mommy thought about getting me a brother but i like being an only child. All the spoiling goes to me! I'm so excited to be meeting all these new puggle friends. Its a shame you live too far away for us all to play together! Thanks for checking out my blog. I'll be sure to keep reading yours.


Alice's Human Female said...

Seeing silly pictures like this makes me think that the only thing more fun than a puggle is two puggles.

Life With Dogs said...

Did you at least give her a tin cup to bang on the bars? :)