Monday, March 8, 2010

Seven? Really??

Well, I have to report that I have been under the weather since Friday. I seem to be having some bowel troubles and I am waking up every hour in the middle of the night to have liquid poops. We are all very tired and although I am not eating, the poops continue to come out! So Daddy took me to the vet today and he put me on an antibiotic and hopefully that will clear it up.

BUT in other exciting news.......I got weighed today and I am down to 30.5 lbs! If you remember back in October at my annual appointment, I weighed in at 37.5!
From a hefty 37.5 to a svelte 30.5! All this exercising has paid off!
Of course, I am probably down a pound or two due to the liquid poops, but still.....I'm finally losing weight!


Golden Daily Scoop said...

Ewwww, liquid poops!!! Sorry to hear that, hope you feel better soon!!

lotsa licks,

Anonymous said...

TMI Bruschi... but hope you're feeling better soon.

Bijou said...

Hi Bruschi,

Oh no! Not the runny poops! Hope you are feeling better soon. Congrats on the weight loss. You must be doing something right. Mom wants to know your secret. BOL


Anonymous said...

oh no I hate it when I have those kinda poops hope you get to feeling better and congrats on the weight loss!! YaY!!

wags and licks

Remington said...

That's not fun....I hope you get better soon.

Puggle Preston said...

oh so sorry to hear about your tummy problem. I had liquid poops for two days last week too and had to wake up daddy in the middle night too. I hope the bugs go away soon. I know how happy your mommy will be when that firm poops come back. a successful weight loss story! That was a lot of pounds you have lost. way to go!


lola said...

I hope you start to feel better soon. Feeling sick is never good.


CoCo said...

Yay for the weight loss...nay for the liquid poop! I hope you feel better soon! You need to tell your Mom that all you need to eat to cure your liquid poop problem is Rice and Chicken...that should give a nice change to the diet!


Life With Dogs said...

I hope you are on the mend in a hurry! Not the best weight loss plan. :(

Ariel said...

Aww! Feel better Bruschi. I have them liquid poops once in a while. Take care and yes you look Great!
Licks and Wags, Ariel <3