Monday, March 1, 2010

Puggle Update

Can you even believe it? They are snuggling together on my husband's lap today!!!!!
Maybe all it took was a few days of them getting adjusted to each other after all!
Fingers crossed,(and paws crossed) that this works!
Yesterday afternoon I got them to both lay on the carpet and chew rawhide bones together and they only had a few incidents during the day of going after each other.
I am starting to think that I am the problem. Bruschi is a total mama's boy and Tyson has taken quite a liking to me and follows me everywhere! I think that Bruschi seeing Tyson always being around me is the trigger to Bruschi's jealousy!
I just have to keep doing what I'm doing, which is put Bruschi first, continue doing everything with him first, and slowly but surely Tyson should understand his role!

Thanks to everyone for all your words of advice, support and encouragement! :)


Bijou said...

This is terrific news! We hope you and Tyson can work things out so his stay is fun for both of you. And your mom is less stressed. BOL


Remington said...

Amazing how things go....

Golden Daily Scoop said...

Hi Bruschi!!! I know it's difficult getting a new little bro, just give it a chance and before you know it you'll be having a blast!!! Good luck!!

lotsa licks,

Sonic said...

I'm so glad things have settled a bit between those two!

Though it does sound familiar when you put it that way. I'm insanely jealous too, and whenever my Momma goes and plays with my brother Knuckles, I tend to go nuts and chase him away. I know it's not nice and I'm just being silly, but I can't help the way I feel.

Maybe it's the same with Bruschi and Tyson?


Puggle Preston said...

ok, what is your secret, Bruschi's daddy? How did you get these two to snuggle together? That is really amazing! good job, all of you!


Ariel said...

So Happy for the Great News! <3

Lexi said...

Hi Bruschi,
It's good to hear you are getting along with Tyson. That is very nice of you. It would be hard for me to have another dog in my house because I like all the attention. I can never get enough attention That is so nice of your mom and dad to be foster parents to Tyson. That's a big job. Mom and I wish you guys all the best.